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Musician and Composer

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This is a continuing project to compose introits for church services covering the whole year.  New introits will be added gradually as they are written.

All the introits here are composed for SATB, but in each case, either the tenor or the bass voice part is marked as "optional", so it is possible to use them in three parts (Soprano, Alto, Baritone, or SAB).

Each introit is numbered to preserve the correct order through the year, starting with No. 1 at Advent Sunday (in line with the Anglican Lectionary).    I started at Palm Sunday, so until I get to Advent, the lowest-numbered introits will be missing from this list!

Click each title below to open the PDF file of the score, from where you can save it to your computer.

  22 Palm Sunday
23 Maundy Thursday 24 Good Friday
25 Easter Day 26 Second Sunday of Easter
27 Third Sunday of Easter 28 Fourth Sunday of Easter
29 Fifth Sunday of Easter 30 Sixth Sunday of Easter
31 Sunday After Ascension Day 32 Pentecost (Whit Sunday)
33 Trinity Sunday 34 Second Sunday of Trinity
35 Third Sunday of Trinity 36 Fourth Sunday of Trinity
37 Fifth Sunday of Trinity 38 Sixth Sunday of Trinity
39 Seventh Sunday of Trinity 40 Eighth Sunday of Trinity
41 Ninth Sunday of Trinity 42 Tenth Sunday of Trinity
43 Eleventh Sunday of Trinity 44 Twelfth Sunday of Trinity
45 Thirteenth Sunday of Trinity